Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Update on Life

I sat down to write another update about Weston and the latest on his hearing but then I thought, "Hey, maybe people want to know whats up with Jesse and I." So I'll fill you in.

Now lets go back in time six months:

Jesse and I have been in our beautiful new home for 5 months when we apply for a job in Salt Lake City at the suggestion of a family member. We didn't think we would get it so we moved on with life. About a month later we were in SLC for a family reunion and we arranged an interview while we were there. In two more weeks we find out Jesse got the job. To put the icing on the cake he starts in SLC in 3 weeks!! In a mad dash we find renters for our home in Rexburg, find a place to live in SLC, pack up and move!

Fast forward to the present:

Jesse loves his new job. He is working as an analyst for Hewlett Packard and doing so well. His coworkers jokingly call him the golden boy because he does so well and his boss is always singing praises to his name. I'm going back to school (Salt Lake Community College) to get my applied associates in American Sign Language Interpretation. I love it. Because I already have a bachelors degree I get to skip a lot of classes and just take sign classes. It's so rewarding and I love the "me" time I get each week. I go Monday and Wednesday nights from 5-9:30 (2 classes) so Jesse stays home with Weston. I love that man for supporting me always! We meet with a deaf mentor as a family once a week for an hour to learn sign. Our sign is coming along! Weston is starting to sign himself. It's probably to most adorable thing. Imagine your child babbling with his hands. I love it! I think my favorite is when he reads books. He'll pick up a book look at the page, set it down move his hands and arms, and then pick up the book and turn the page. It's his little way of reading the book to us. It's SOOOOO CUTE!! And drum-roll.... We're buying another house! We're moving in two weeks (or less). The house works perfect for our little family. And as an added bonus, our next door neighbor is a deaf woman and there is a deaf family that lives around the corner. It truly is a blessing from the heavens!

Weston is soo close to walking and he thinks everything is a game. He is growing too fast! His favorite things to do are read, pull things out of containers (including the trash, YUCK), and play in water (including the toilet, DOUBLE YUCK)! His favorite foods are oranges, green beans, and bananas. He loves to play catch and chase balls around the house. He is still the happiest baby I know (though he is getting over a serious case of the mommy's). I'm learning more and more how weird he is: he is 15 months old and is still taking 2 2-hour naps, going to bed at 7 or 7:30, and sleeping in until 7:30 or 8! Weird, yes. Awesome, YES!!  He is OBSESSED with high fives. He wants every stranger we meet to high five him. He is finally a busy body and is making church a nightmare (3 more months until nursery!!). He is so fun and we are blessed to be his parents .

That's an update on us! The next blog will most likely be an update of Weston's ears (it's kind of the main focus of our lives right now). We have been guided by the Lord and have been so blessed. God is Good!

Here is some of my favorites from Weston's 1 year pictures. CUTE BABY right here!!
Thanks to my Sister Sarah for her awesome photography skills. I love them, as always!


  1. This is all so exciting. I love hearing about people who recognize and do not take advantage of the blessings they have been given!

  2. LOVE THIS! You are both heros and an inspiration to all! :)

  3. I like that boy! What a sweet guy.