Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Looking into the Future

A lot has happened lately. We are preparing to graduate within a year or so and we have really been looking into what we are going to do when that time comes. Jesse has been on a roll! First of all, Jesse is taking a broadcasting class. Jesse not only loves it but he is a natural. He is a natural and his teacher gives him almost perfect marks on all of his assignments and often uses him as an example. Jesse and I have been looking into going to New York City so Jesse can do an internship for the church's PR office. We have been bounced around from contact to contact and not really accomplishing anything. Finally a break. Jesse's PR teacher introduced an opportunity for his students to shadow one of the church's PR employees during conference. Jesse was able to sign up for priesthood session and we were really excited to get an "in" to the church's PR scene. It wasn't quite the experience we expected. The guy Jesse was shadowing expected that they were just getting nice seats (in the press box) but Jesse was under the impression that they were going to do something. It was kind of disappointing but Jesse did get a REAL contact out of it. We now know that we are not going to New York because the internship there is not paid and we cannot afford New York City. However, we are still waiting to here back about a paid internship for the church's PR office in Salt Lake. We have also applied for an internship with Del Sol. Del Sol is a company that sells merchandise that changes color in the sun. Their stores are all run by interns and are all locating at tourist locations. We are looking into applying for the San Francisco, Australia, or one of the island locations. We are looking to do an internship this winter so we are going to be at an unknown location come the end of December. We are excited for the many opportunities and are also excited to see where the Lord is going to take us. As far as school goes we are both loving this semester. I have never loved school as much as I do this semester. I think I finally found the right major. I am excelling in my baking class, not so much my culinary class, which is alright because baking is what I want to do. Although, I did make soup which was served in a cafe on campus. Also, after trying a bite my baking teacher asked if she could have one of my cinnamon rolls because they were so delicious! I was so excited! Jesse also just lined up a senior project and it is going to be an awesome experience. He is going to work with BYU-Idaho's local radio channel. He'll be making segments for a program that promotes musicians in the area.  He has kind of been given free reign to do interviews for the program as well as add other segments that promote the local artists (he's already thinking he wants to do some sort of news brief about what's happening with current and previous Eastern Idaho artists). Which means Jesse is going to be on the radio!! We are feeling pretty good about life right now and things seem to be falling into place!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Delgado

This summer Jesse and I had the privilege of going to Seattle for one of my bestest friends weddings! Whitney my best good friend married Kevin, her best good friend! They are amazingly cute and their wedding was even amazingly cuter!! We left Boise on Wednesday and traveled all day to Enumclaw, Washington. We carpooled with Gretchen and Brad Gill which was an amazing blessing because funds were kind of tight. The next morning we drove down to Portland, Oregon and enjoyed a beautiful sealing in the temple there. It was my first live sealing since my own and it was AMAZING! Sealings are so neat. There is such a spirit there and I know that families are eternal. That night we had a dinner and ring ceremony back up in Washington and the next day we had the reception. It was the cutest wedding of all time and everything turned out great so props to Whitney and Kevin!! Saturday we went and spent some time in Seattle. We ate fish and chips at Ivar's, fed the seagulls, went to Pike's market, and put gum on the gum wall. All in all it was a great time! Still so happy for Whitney and Kevin. Nothing can replace the happiness of a temple marriage!! We love you Delgado's!
The happy couple, us, and the couple we carpooled with!

Whitney and I. Love this girl!

Us putting our gum on the wall

The ocean

Outside the famous fish throwing market place

Pike's Place!