Monday, November 7, 2011

Memphis Adventure

This summer Jesse and I had the opportunity to go down to Memphis to visit family. We flew into Little Rock, Arkansas and left straight from the airport on a camping adventure. Just a little bit shy of our nights resting place our truck broke down. We waited on the side of the road for almost 2 hours before we finally called and got rescued by a tow truck. Best part was all 4 of us squeezed into the cab of the truck WITH the driver. We stayed at this cute little bed and breakfast, the people were so nice to us and gave us a great deal. The next morning the car was still unfixed and having 2 sailboats with us we couldn't go anywhere without that truck. So we decided to hang out for the day in a really odd town called Hot Springs. It was a really funny/fun day. Everywhere we went the place was closed. It became our inside joke, along with being totally decimated and having copious bodaciousness. We did eat some great BBQ though! The next morning the truck was fixed and we were on our way to our campsite. We stayed on a lake full of islands. We pretty much just sailed out into the water, picked and island, pulled up, and set up camp. It was sweet! That day and the next we spent sailing, eating, and playing games. It was my first time sailing and I'm happy to admit that it was WAY FUN!  Jesse let me drive the little sailboat and the catamaran and I tipped them both. PS westerners the water down there is so warm! It feels like a bathtub! That was the most bizarre part of the whole experience. Plus the South is the only place I've ever been that it feels as if the temperature is rising as the sun goes down. I've never been so warm camping, EVER! I didn't even use a sweatshirt or a long sleeve shirt. Getting back to shore was a little tricky. We pulled the little boat full of stuff with the catamaran. Jesse jumped in to save the boat at one point in time and lost his new glasses. We almost capsized many a time on the way back and on the way home from the trip our boat came unhitched from the trailer and swung across several lanes of traffic. It was crazy. But, it was some of the most fun I had had all summer! After we got back to Memphis I got to meet Jared, Alison, and Madi for the first time. What a fun family and Madi is absolutely adorable and super hilarious. Also while in Memphis we went mini golfing, attended Goat Days, went thrifting, and played games with the family. I have great in-laws and am learning more and more to love the South. Thanks for a great trip Blaine and Linda!

Heading out!

Ready to go sailing

Camp set up on the top of our little island

That's our tiny little island