Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Lovely Living Quarters

For those of you who are unable to take a tour in real life, here is a virtual tour of our new space!

 The view of the living room from the front door
 *take note of our sexy curtains
View of the kitchen from the front door
 Close up of the kitchen and all its glory. It truly was a selling point for us. Isn't it awesome!! I'm in love (with it and the fact that I have a real kitchen for the first time in 1.5 years).
 Dining Space

 Cute decor Jesse made for me!
 front door from the kitchen
 Hallway from the wood stove
The bathroom (obviously)
From the bathroom, turn right and you'll find the very messy guest bedroom
 Our sweet washer and dryer that we scored for $100. Complete (or not so complete) with missing front panel.
 View of the playroom from the washer/dryer
 The playroom complete with a sectional we scored for $30 from Jesse's coworker. doesn't look half bad after an extremely large amount of leather conditioner! Also note that our curtains have majesty.
 View of the master bedroom from the playroom
 Sweet private staircase to the master bath and our ridiculously small closet.
The master bathroom (obviously) 

*Weston does have a room, it's just not shown because he was sleeping while we were taking pictures. You're not missing anything though, it looks identical to the guest bedroom, mess and all!! We're working on lots of projects for him. We'll show ya'll the finished product later (aka like 3 months).

Stay tuned because next time I'm going to share Weston's birth story in celebration of his 6 month birthday. Don't judge me. I'm an awesome blogger.