Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Center Stage

Jesse and I are kind of spoiled. We got paid to eat and go to concerts/shows every weekend all semester. This last semester Jesse was the student director of Center Stage. His job was to bring in, feed, find housing for, and take care of the needs of professional entertainment. Shortly said he's a gofer to a lot of really cool people. We got to see a lot of cool performers. Our favorites were Mindy Gledhill, Nik Day, Stephen Jones, 1960's Beatles Tribute band, and Paul Cardall. It was a really fun semester. Just so you know next semester Jesse will be working in the University Relations department on campus. He is working for performance tours and will be planning the next Dance Alliance tour. We had a great time going to all the shows but are excited to have our weekends back. Now we have to think of our dates on our own. So help us by leaving a comment with you favorite date idea.

This is us with Nik Day. Fun Facts about Nik: Jesse has actually performed with him. If ya'll didn't know my husband is a pro dummer. Also one of Nik's first concerts in Rexburg happened to be mine and Jesse's first date. Needless to say we are HUGE Nik Day fans!!

Happy Birthday America

Every year since I can remember I have gathered in Donnelly, ID with my mother's side of the family for the 4th of July family reunion. It's a week filled with eating, boating, and pinochle. Oh ya, and lots of family. This was Jesse's first time coming to the family cabin for the famous Curtis reunion. Jesse became a master pinochle player (for those of you who don't know it's the most complicated game EVER). My family takes pinocle seriously. Our reunion is equipped with a massive pinochle tournament every night. Jesse got so good he even placed 3rd one night. This is unheard of for a newby! Jesse even learned to waterski like a pro! He's officially part of the family. So proud of him. One day we drove up to McCall for the day and went to Ice Cream Alley, a delicious ice cream place that is actually in an alley. While in town we hit up a thrift store where Jesse and I found a vintage Rummikub. It was so old it's actually called Rummy King. It's sweet!!! The adventure started on our way home. We headed home Monday so we could be back for school on Tuesday. Monday was the 4th and because we were traveling we missed the fireworks in McCall and Donnelly. So we hurried home so we could catch the fireworks in Idaho Falls. I'm happy to report that we made it and got premo parking. They were awesome by the way! The adventure started when we tried to leave. Lets just say there were a lot of people also trying to leave. It took us over 2 hours to get home from IF (a 30min drive). We made it home exhausted. It was a great trip and a great way to kick off our summer. Enjoy the pictures. Keep in mind we are camping ;)

At the end of the dock

The Mountains behind the farmers market

Ice Cream!! All the people you don't recognize are siblings and cousins.

Viewer digression advised ;) 

Playing cards with the family

Jesse skiing


Not quite

And he's up!!!

Well, It didn't last long but it happened. This is the 1st time. He's pro now!

Monday, August 15, 2011


So I will fully admit that my husband and I are NERDS. Which is one of the reasons our relationship works out so well. As everybody knows (and in this case I really do mean everybody) the final Harry Potter movie has made its appearance on the big screen.  I'm proud to admit that Jesse and I went to the midnight showing... and we dressed up, along with our wonderful friends Jared and Rachel Anderson. Let me introduce you to the Order of the Phoenix.


Trelawney, not technically part of the order but we accept her just the same, Mad Eye Moody, Lupin, and Tonks. Pretty cool huh? We felt like celebrities. everyone wanted to take pictures with us. We were even interviewed for the news. It was pretty awesome!

The most coveted tickets of our generation ;)

The happy couple. Complete with their famous movie stance. I think we make a pretty good Tonks and Lupin. Don't you?

We even went to the park and whittled these wands ourselves. Pretty cool. We cannot promise that the trees in Porter Park did not sacrifice to make these wands. It was well worth it!

Harry Potter is now over. Tear. Long Live the Harry Potter generation.