Thursday, March 31, 2011

We Love Gift Cards!!

So as many of you know Jesse and I got married back in December. We had a plethora of receptions and as we all know, lots of receptions means lots of gifts and... GIFT CARDS!! We were very blessed to have a great turnout at the Boise reception and ended up getting everything we needed/wanted. As I mentioned in an earlier post our Memphis reception was 2 months after our wedding. In Memphis we got even more GIFT CARDS. We already have everything we need so we keep our gift cards handy and when we discover we want something we add it to our gift card wish list. Well, Jesse had read about a married student activity that the school was hosting. They were going to do a camping/ski trip. All equipment and food were included all we had to do was provide camping supplies. So we went to Idaho Falls to buy us a tent! We picked out our tent and went home very excited to use it on our trip. However, the weather went from being 25 degrees and sunny to 25 degrees and raining (these temperature applying to the hottest part of the day). The trip wasn't cancelled due to the weather but Jesse and I decided that sleeping in the rain with a low of 10 degrees didn't sound very fun. So we went on a date instead. When we got home our new tent was still sitting in the middle of the living room. We sat in silence staring at for awhile. Finally, Jesse broke the silence by admitting that he was really looking forward to using our new tent. At the same time our eyes both lit up. We quickly jumped up. Jesse set up the tent, I got the sleeping bags, and we set up camp in our living room. We even turned off the lights and used flashlights, we played some camping games (and by that I mean cards of course!!!), and slept on our new air mattress!! The best part about it was in the morning all we had to do was zip back the door and we had some morning cartoons right there in our campground. To all of you who got us gift cards, Thank You!! You helped to make our married life/this weekend an adventure!! As always, enjoy the pictures!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Home of Elvis... Home of Jesse

We are slightly behind in updating the general public on our married adventures. About a month ago we went on the biggest adventure I have ever embarked on, ever, in my entire life! It was the second airplane I had ever been on (the first being when I was 8) and the farthest east I have ever been by... well, a LONG way. We left at 5am from the Salt Lake airport and by 3pm we were in Memphis the home of Elvis, BBQ, Rock n' Roll, and my most excellent husband Jesse. Friday afternoon we spent some time with my parents who also made the trip down. We took a tour (a long one with my father driving in an unknown city) of all the must see's in Memphis. We went and saw Graceland, the ducks at the Peabody, the civil rights museum (the site where Martin Luther King Jr. was killed), Beale Street, and of course ate dinner at the famous Rendezvous, where we met up with Jesse's parents. After being in my husbands birthplace for 5+ hours I finally got to go see "home." We spent the evening talking and then called it a night ready for a busy day ahead. In the morning we attending a session in the Memphis Temple. It was a wonderful session full of the spirit present when your surrounded by a loving family. All I wanted from my trip to Memphis was a taste of the culture, because let's be honest my experiences with culture are seriously lacking. So, my wonderful mother-in-law took us to see the local high school play. Talk about culture!! The cast had six people in it and it was a musical. These kids were more talented than any performing college group in the entire state of Idaho. Not only could they sing but they could dance. It was awesome! After the play we went home to get ready for the reception (the main purpose for our trip to Memphis). The reception was wonderful. Everyone in Memphis is so friendly. They have a good supportive community down there. It was so fun to meet so many people who love the Hyde family. Sunday after church Jesse took me to see all the must see's of Jesse's life. It was so fun to actually see where all the stories took place. We also got to go visit Jesse's second mom, Gayle. She is such a fun, wonderful, and strong woman. We love you Gayle! We went home to pack so we could start our long journey back, a journey that started at 4am and ended when we finally pulled into our apartment complex at 10pm. We are so grateful we had the opportunity to make it down. It was such a wonderful trip. It was amazing how comfortable I felt in the Hyde home. They are wonderful people and am glad they are apart of my family. Thank you Blaine and Linda! I'm glad my parents could be there as well. We love our family! Can't wait to go again! Enjoy the pictures!