Friday, February 25, 2011

Hair Cut

About two weeks after I got married I chopped all my hair off. This is the first time my hair has been this short since I was two years old! It's been pretty fun and a ton EASIER!!! 
The best part about cutting my hair was the realization that I have the best husband in the world. When I asked Jesse what he thought about me cutting my hair he gave me his opinion followed by, "I will support you in whatever you want to do." I thought that was normal because he always responds like that. However, it didn't take long to for me to realize that not all husbands are as supportive as mine. The first thing the lady cutting my hair said after I told I wanted to chop it was, "My husband would kill me if I cut my hair." Pretty much everyone I talked to after that said pretty much the same thing. They were all shocked that Jesse approved of my bold decision. I have come to appreciate this in Jesse more and more. He lets me make my own decisions and not just when it comes to silly things like cutting my hair. He is so good at giving his advice and opinion without pressuring me. It reminds me of something Sister Hinckley said. During an interview discussing the tricks to a happy marriage she said, "I am very grateful for a husband who always lets me do my own thing. ... He never insists that I do anything his way, or any way for that matter. From the very beginning he gave me space and let me fly." I have always thought that is just how things are. More and more I am realizing that not everybody has that support from their husband. Jesse is such a wonderful man. I echo Sister Hinckley in that I am extremely grateful for my supportive husband and the fact that he still lets me fly and become who I want to become. I love you Jesse!!!