Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Things

So many new things have been happening in our lives. It's crazy! There's a lot to get you caught up on with our oh-so-exciting lives. Rachel has dubbed me (Jesse) the new blog up-keeper "since I'm the Communications guy." So here goes.


Do not get this confused with yucky. It is pronounced yoo-kee. Or rather she is pronounced that way. It's our new(ish) car, a 2003 Kia Optima! We've actually had it for quite a while now, but we took pictures for the sole purpose of putting it on our blog so here you have it. 

We first named her Roxy, because she's a pretty foxy car. But then (on the second day driving it) the fuel pump decided to die. That was pretty upsetting as you can probably imagine. So we decided to give her a new name once all was said and done for her new determination to be a great car. And she has been.

The main reason we bought Yuki was because we needed a car that could take us farther than Rexburg. Luckily, when we were married one of my friends sold us Bubba ('92 Toyota Paseo) for super cheap. He was a good car but Bubba could only take us so far. R.I.P. Bubba.

Our Hotel Home

So, if you haven't heard, we are now living in a hotel (since January). Well, a remodeled/converted hotel, but a hotel nonetheless. It's basically a studio apartment. We actually like it a lot. Everything is fancy and new and we have a pool, work out room, and a spa is on the way! It's quite cozy really. And it saves us a bum-load of money. It comes completely furnished too! Here is the new place...

So you walk in and you've got the closets directly to the right and the bathroom past the closet. (That random bookshelf is no longer there.)

If you pass the closet and just walk straight in, this is what you find...

 I made the pictures nice and small so you can get the right feel for it. Seriously though, we like it a lot more than we thought we would. Sometimes we imagine living in a cool New York City studio flat. And then we look out the window to the desert.

Life is Good.

The Newest of Things: 

For those faithful blog readers.

You get to know first-ish...

We're having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Rachel is due November 25th and we are so absolutely stoked!

 You can now post how excited you are on our blog but we still might try to keep it off of facebook for a while.

Well, thanks for checking in. Maybe we'll have another post up before the new year! ;)