Wednesday, January 16, 2013

16 Weeks, List Style

The last time we posted I was 30 weeks pregnant and now my baby is 8 weeks old. Surprise! I'm sure all of you faithful blog readers are also faithful facebook stalkers and already know this ;) So what has changed in the past 16 weeks?? A LOT!!! Lets just make a list.

1. Rachel goes to Boise for her Food Management class and while there goes to the Boise Temple open house.... AMAZING!
2. Weston Samuel Hyde was born 11-13-12 at 8:50 am. He weighed 7lbs 11oz (which is the exact opposite of the 11lbs 7oz birth weight of his dad) and 20.5 inches (more details to come in another post about his birth story)

3. Rachel and Jesse take turns babysitting so they can attend the dedication of the Boise temple
4. Rachel skipped a week of school to recover from having a baby
5. We enjoyed our first Thanksgiving as a new family. We stayed in Rexburg with Ben and Bonnie and had some friends over. 
6. The Andersons come to visit and meet baby Weston. Baby Jesse and Weston become instant best friends (as Jared and Jesse always hoped and expected).

7. Rachel returns to school
8. Aunt Haley comes to visit, babysit, and help out with Weston so Rachel can go to class

9. Rachel finally gets caught up in all her classes
10. Rachel schedules surgery (to get her gallbladder removed) for the 17th of December
11. Grandma Hyde comes to visit and babysit Sophie and Olivia. I realized when I was writing this that we didn't take a picture :(
12. Grandma Hobson comes to visit and babysit Weston so Rachel can finish up school

13. Rachel has sudden bout of pain from her gallbladder and surgery is moved up to December 4th
14. Rachel begins passing gallstones
15. Rachel skips more school because she is sick and Jesse skips work to help Rachel and Weston
16. Rachel has her gallbladder removed!
17. Rachel goes to the ER because she can't breath and is throwing up like a mad woman
18. They give Rachel a shot and send her home
19. Rachel goes to the ER again because all the symptoms come rushing back and she's also passing out and muttering strange things
20. They CT scan Rachel to make sure it's not her liver. They tell her it's air bubbles from surgery and will go away in 24 hours
21. 48 hours later Rachel is back in the ER
22. They check Rachel into the hospital
23. They monitor Rachel for 24 hours and do more blood tests
24. Conclusion: during surgery stones slipped into the bile duct, were lodged, and slowly passed through.
25. Jesse teaches the youth a dance for the ward Christmas party (it was great!!!)
26. Rachel is sore from surgery and having 8 IV's in a period of 3 weeks and takes an additional week and a half off of school
27. Rachel writes 3 papers, takes 3 tests, and finishes 2 projects and graduates with her Bachelors
28. Jesse and Rachel finally get to relax with their new baby!!!!
29. Jesse and Rachel begin house hunting and get pre-approved for a loan
30. Weston goes on his first trip! Boise for Christmas! He handled the car ride like a champ

31. We all enjoy Weston's first Christmas (he slept through it) and a nice break from all the craziness of late

32. Weston outgrows newborn diapers (growing too fast!), is awake and alert, smiles in response to a smile, coo's, and giggles. His favorite game is when we shake his legs really fast. He also loves to arch his head really far back... he's our curious George. Check out all of his adorableness!

33. Jesse got to go skiing again
34. Weston is blessed in Boise on the same day as his new cousin Paige (also happened to be our 2nd anniversary). He looked adorable in a sweater made for him by Grandma Hobson

29. Jesse and I celebrate our 2 year anniversary while aunts, uncles, and grandparents helped babysit (we saw Les Mis and it was AWESOME!)

30. We ring in the new year with all the Hobson siblings and all 9 Hobson grandchildren

31. We return to Rexburg where Jesse still works full time at his job and Rachel tries to figure out life as a full time wife and mother.

Well, now you're up to speed on the craziness that is our life!